Etched with Soma's pen

All pieces available online

Fiction (including flash fiction, prose poetry, and in-betweens)

The River's Children, Expanded Horizons Issue 33, December 2011

A Fairy Tale Princess, Cabinet des Fées Issue 13, May 2011

Eyes of Carven Emerald (Clockwork Phoenix 3), hosted by SF Signal

Kohl-lined, Three-lobed Burning Eye Issue 20, October 2010

Charms, Strange Horizons, August 2009

Nira and I, Strange Horizons, March 2009

when they made right, Clockwise Cat, May 2008

Half Flight, Journal of Mythic Arts, February 2008

Unambiguously Poetry

Triumph III: Chaaya, Goblin Fruit, Winter 2013

Yajñāḥ / Offering, Strange Horizons, March 2012

Persephone in Grey, Goblin Fruit, Winter 2012

Homebound, Strange Horizons, July 2011

Tonight I Know, Strange Horizons, April 2011

Epiphyte, Jabberwocky 5, February 2011

Palettes, Stone Telling Issue 2, December 2010

Flourless Devil's Food, Apex Magazine Issue 19, December 2010

Nagapadam, Stone Telling Issue 1, September 2010

Ghosha, Apex Magazine Issue 16, September 2010

My House Runs Dark, Semaphore Magazine, September 2010

Song of Shakti, Goblin Fruit, Spring 2010

The Bone Harp Sings Nine Moods, Goblin Fruit, Spring 2010

Cave-smell, Mythic Delirium Issue 22, Winter/Spring 2010 (featured poem)

Recipe for a year of spring, Goblin Fruit, Winter 2010

Triumph XII: Tapah, Goblin Fruit, Fall 2009

Apsara, Goblin Fruit, Summer 2009

Displaced, Goblin Fruit, Summer 2009

The bears are working, Goblin Fruit, Winter 2009

Triumph XVII: Katha, Coyote Wild, August 2008

Triumph XVIII: Maya, Coyote Wild, February 2008


What Would Octavia Do? Carl Brandon society online (May 2008)